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Unchallenged Candidate Wins Costa Rican Presidency

  • VOA News

Luis Guillermo Solis (L), presidential candidate of the Citizens' Action Party (PAC), greets supporters after casting his ballot at a voting station during Costa Rica's presidential election run-off in San Jose, April 6, 2014.
Former diplomat Luis Guillermo Solis has easily won Costa Rica's presidential runoff election.

Sunday's win was no surprise. His opponent, Johnny Araya of the ruling National Liberation Party, or PLN, dropped out of the race after Solis' popularity skyrocketed following the first-round vote.

Araya's name remained on the ballot because the constitution prevented him from withdrawing. He earned about 20 percent of Sunday's votes, despite withdrawing.

Solis was a member of PLN, but became disillusioned and quit it in 2005.

Political power in the small Central American country has traditionally been traded between the PLN and the Social Christian Unity Party.

Solis, a member of the moderate Citizen Action Party, is the first third-party candidate to win the Costa Rican presidency in decades.