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Jessica Stone

Jessica Stone is a Washington-based correspondent for English to Asia - VOA's English language affiliate service to the Indo-Pacific.  She comes to us from an 8 year stint as the White House Correspondent for CGTN America where she covered President Barack Obama's 'Pivot to Asia' and President Donald Trump's increase in export controls and tariffs on Chinese goods.  Stone has had long career of reporting at the intersection business and politics for outlets -- including the South China Morning Post, the USA Today, the Washington Times, CGTN America, Fox News and CBS News.  She speaks French and English and is a past-president of the White House Foreign Press Group.

Jessica is also the author of Crossing the Divide: 20 Lessons to Help You Thrive in Cross-Cultural Environments and is a frequent speaker and lecturer on Cross-Cultural Communication. She resides in Northern Virginia with her husband and two children.

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