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Beattie Report on U.S. Sequestration Asia Entry

Beattie Report on U.S. Sequestration Asia Entry
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Q&A Morrison & Beattie / U.S. Sequestration Asia / U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and U-S Secretary of State John Kerry Wednesday sounded the alarm over the impact on America's foreign and security policy caused by automatic spending cuts, known as sequestration. The cuts are set to take effect March 1st in a budget battle between President Obama and Congress. Charles Morrison, president of the Hawaii-based East-West Institute, was asked by VOA's Victor Beattie if, in light of Washington's budgetary impasse, he shares Mr. Kerry's view that the United States must continue leading as the world's "indispensable nation." Morrison says the impact of sequestration in Asia would involve such things as U.S. export promotion efforts. He calls the spending cuts "foolishly made" and not reflecting America's long-term interests.