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Q&A Westerman / Lee / Chinese American / Labor Hall Of Honor

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The 145th Anniversary Of The Completion Of The US Transcontinental Railroad Was Marked On Its Anniversary Last Week. Nearly 2,000 Miles Of Rail Were Constructed Between 1863 And 1869 Linking The Eastern United States To The West. Chinese Immigrants Who Worked On That Railroad Were Inducted Into The US Department Of Labor's Hall Of Honor. The Group Of More Than 12,000 Chinese Laborers Are The First Asian Americans To Be Inducted Into The Hall Since Its Creation In 1988. At The Ceremony Friday, Deputy Secetary Chris Lu Said By Sharing The Story Of The Chinese Immigrants Who Worked On The Transcontinental Railroad , It Is A Reminder The United States Has Benefited From Waves Of Industrious Immigrants ...(Act / Lu ) Historian Connie Young Yu Represented The Descendants Of The Railroad Workers At The Induction. Her Great-Grandfather. Lee Wong Sang, Was A Chinese Laborer On The Railroad. Speaking At A Separate Event At The Chinese Community Church In Washington DC, Yu Said She Was Honored To Be At The Ceremony ... (Act / Yu) For More On That History, Daybreak Asia's Ashley Westerman Spoke With Sue Lee, Executive Director Of The Chinese Historical Society Of America. Lee Said The Chinese Railroad Workers Induction Into The Labor Hall Of Honor Was Finally Recognition They Deserved ... (Q&A Westerman / Lee / Chinese-American Labor Hall Of Honor)