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Q&A Beattie / Thayer Asia Security Summit Analysis

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Asian Defense Officials Are In Singapore For The Three-Day Annual Asia-Security Summit, Which Gets Underway Today And Comes Amid Maritime Tensions Between China, Japan And Several Southeast Asian Nations. Beijing Reportedly Is Sending A Large Delegation Including Fu Ying. Chairwoman Of The Foreign Affairs Committee Of The National People's Congress. The South China Morning Post Says The Deputy Chief Of General Staff Will Head The Delegation From The People's Liberation Army. Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Will Deliver A Keynote Address To Delegates. One Japanese Newspaper Says He Will Offer Tokyo As A Counterweight To China's Territorial Assertiveness Suggesting Both Japan And The United States Stand Ready To Jointly Bolster Security Cooperation With The Association Of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). It Says Mr. Abe Will Stop Short Of Singling Out China, But Says There Will Be Little Doubt Where He Believes The Blame Lies For Escalating Regional Tensions. University Of New South Wales Professor Emeritus Carl Thayer Is Among Those Attending The Meeting in Singapore And Told VOA's Victor Beattie He Expects The Chinese To Speak Bluntly And Frankly About China's Status A  Major Power And That Asia Should Be For Asians.