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Jose Ausqui Education at Clemson University is Twofold


In order to increase his knowledge about Economics, Jose Ausqui says coming to the United States was the only place for him to be. “My name is Jose Ausqui, I am from Uruguay and I came to the United States to pursue a career as a Ph D in Economics. I mean the field of Economics is really interesting for me. I have really enjoyed it since I was about eighteen years old and I was sure that I wanted to pursue a career in Economics and in order to improve my studies I was sure it was a very significant step to study in the U.S.”

Jose is working on a Ph. D degree at Clemson University in Clemson South Carolina. He says the Economic department has exactly what he needs to be able to complete the program in approximately four to five years. “I am attending Clemson University. I looked on the internet and I found that this university really suited my needs and I chose Clemson because of the department,” he says.

“I was really interested in the department and I really liked how the department works. The program is fantastic for me. Plus, I know that Clemson has a very important reputation in the U.S. It is a fine university, the city is fine and I also knew that the weather is sort of similar to the weather in my country so I would say that those were the reasons why I choose Clemson.”

In Jose first year, he was a research assistant, now in his second year Jose says he continues to work in the department but as a teaching assistant. “When you apply to the Economic department, you automatically considered for an assistantship and I got it,” he says.

“On the first year I was an research assistant. That was part of the deal for me to come here. I mean I came here because I don’t have to pay the tuition and I receive a salary. That salary on the first year was for my role as a research assistant, a professor. Now on the second year I earn my salary performing teaching assistantship activities.”

Campus activities aren't a big part of Jose's schedule, however spending time with friends as well as taking in a few favorite passions help to balance out his college experience at Clemson. “Well, formally I am not really part of any organization, but I have some sort of social life. I have my friends, I have my study group. Now I am apart of a group called Latin American students. I like to watch movies. I like to practice sports and listen to music, so I would say that I have some sort of a social life although I don’t have a whole lot of time because I have to work really hard here.

Jose says his biggest challenge being here is learning the English language. “Maybe at the beginning I mean I had to adjust to this new environment regarding the language and being a professional in English has been a huge challenge and then if I didn’t have a social life because I had to work a lot, it wasn’t a big concern for me about the rest of the environment,” he says.

“I knew that when I came here I had to study and my biggest adjustment had to be related to the language, but I would say that I did a fine job and I am improving on a daily basis, I am improving. Definitely.”

Jose thoughts about his future and advice to others interested in coming to the United States are.... “I would like to go back to my country definitely and I would like to be a researcher for a company or be a professor at some university and my advice would be as soon as you arrive they should be part of a group. Join a group, a study group. That is very helpful and if they want to be here (at Clemson University) they have to be really sure that they are up to the challenge.”