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Pouya Dianat Focuses On Advanced degree from Drexel University

Why did Pouya Dianat decide to come to the United States for his graduate work? He tells us.“I’m from Iran and I decided to come to the U-S two years ago and the reason for coming to the U-S is that there are better educational choices and opportunities here for me, better than what I have in Iran so I decided to apply to the universities in the U-S and I’m doing my graduate studies at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,” he says.

“I was looking for U-S top universities and Drexel was in that category so I started searching for some advisor, some professor to support me during my graduate studies and one of the places that I found for both support and good education was Drexel University and I contacted some professor at Drexel University and I got an advisor then I decided to come to Drexel University.”

Pouya says it will take him about four years from now to complete his graduate studies at Drexel.His major is Electrical Engineering and he is working in the field of Nanotechnology, which is part of Engineering.“Actually Electrical Engineering has a good opportunity for job opportunity in the future.Right now I’m working in Nano technology and it’s the very high tech category for Engineering level.Basic nano is one billion of a micron,” he says.

“So it is very small scale, I mean nano is very, very small what one meter is nano is one billion of one meter, it is a very small scale and doing Engineering, Electrical Engineering and that small scale is something very interesting.So the reason I chose electrical Engineering was to get into this category and there are a lot of research is needed for Electrical Engineering to be done on this category so I found that Electrical Engineering is the one that I want.”

Math has always been an interest of Pouya and since being here, he come to realize that more people have a stronger research background in the Math field than a theoretical background.Pouya explains. “What I was thinking was that people would have more mathematical background for my field of studies, but here everything is more research based than theoretical base so people can do research better than doing the theoretical part so I can say that people are more professional in doing experimental jobs.That is the thing that I figured out when I came into the U-S because I thought people would have more powerful mathematical background or theoretical background, but it is somehow that people have more experimental background here.”

Pouya says diversity is just one of the many things that makes going to Drexel worthwhile. “About Drexel all I can say is the good thing about Drexel is diversity.There are different people from all around the world at Drexel. There are also good research events the one that I am after there, we have really good state of the art equipment here at Drexel so I think that was one of the advantages of being at Drexel,” he says.

There are other people in my lab that are highly educated and I can share their experience with them, learn things from them and we can both collaborate so these have been the good things from Drexel so far I can say.”

One thing the twenty-three year old believes is getting a higher Ed degree in the United States will definitely be an advantage in Iran when he returns home and useful in the United States as well.“Let me put it this way, by having a graduate degree from the United States would be to your advantage.Having an undergrad from the United States is not a big deal in Iran so you would be the same as other people, but having a graduate degree from the U-S like an M.S. degree or a PhD would be to your advantage if you have that both in Iran and in the United States I can say that.”