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Former Indian Politician Shot Dead on Live TV 

Forensic officials examine the spot where Atiq Ahmed, a former lawmaker in India's parliament, accused in several criminal cases, and his brother Ashraf Ahmed were shot dead in Prayagraj, India, Apr. 15, 2023.

A former Indian lawmaker was shot dead Saturday on live television along with his brother.

Police were escorting Atiq Ahmed and his brother, Ashraf, to a medical facility for a checkup when the handcuffed men were ambushed by three gunmen.

Media reports say the gunmen had been posing as journalists.

The brothers died within moments of being shot.

The men who shot the brothers are in police custody in Uttar Pradesh state.

A few days before Atiq was shot, his son was shot by police.

The former politician has been brought up on several charges over the years, including kidnapping, murder and extortion.

He had been sentenced to life in prison earlier this year in a kidnapping case.