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Kenyan Leaders Hail bin Laden's Death

A survivor pays homage at the memorial wall with the names of 248 people killed in the 1998 bombing of the U.S.embassy are seen on the memorial wall in Nairobi. Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was killed in a U.S. helicopter raid on a mansion near the Pak

Kenya's president says the killing of Osama bin Laden is an "act of justice" for the victims of the 1998 bombing of the U.S. embassy in Nairobi.

President Mwai Kibaki released a statement Monday saying he commends all those behind the successful tracking down and killing of bin Laden.

Bin Laden's al-Qaida network claimed responsibility for the August 1998 truck bombing of the U.S. embassy in Kenya's capital. The attack killed more than 200 people and wounded several thousand.

A near-simultaneous attack on the U.S. embassy in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania killed another 11 people.

In separate comments Monday, Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga said Kenyans welcome the killing of bin Laden.

He and other officials warned that bin Laden's death does not mean the end of the war on terrorism. The French news agency quotes military spokesman Bogita Ongeri as saying security forces will "remain vigilant" in Nairobi, Mombasa and other areas in case al-Qaida fighters attempt new attacks.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP and Reuters.