Basic Necessities
VOA Connect Episode 96 - Join us as we look at access to the basics. Whether it's groceries in rural villages, feminine products for disadvantaged women, or the job market for newly released felons, there are people out there helping others, and themselves.
I Support the Girls
Many women often can’t afford bras or feminine hygiene products.   Dana Marlowe, founder and CEO of I Support the Girls, provides these products that women need. She talks to us about the menstrual taboo and how a trip to a lingerie store changed the course of her life and many underprivileged women around the world.   Camera/Producer: Lisa Vohra
Grocery in Rural Villages
The small town of Cody, Nebraska, population 150, might have suffered the fate of many rural communities in America and faded away.  But the people of Cody realized a simple trick: build a grocery store and people will come. Camera/Producer: Deepak Dobhal
Training Center for Former Inmates
The Full Circle Auto Repair and Training Center trains formerly incarcerated individuals to be auto mechanics to help them build careers.  Founder Martin Schwartz explains why so many ex- convicts wind up back in prison and how his training program gives them a second chance.   Reporter/Camera: June Soh
Women's Suffrage Movement
The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery looks back at the women’s suffrage movement - one of the longest reform movements in U.S. history - with an exhibition called, “Votes for Women: A Portrait of Persistence.”  Curator Kate Clarke Lemay shows us some of the art and artifacts from that era and how creating visual displays for their cause created a different understanding about women’s freedom and voting rights.   Reporter:  Julie Taboh, Camera: Adam Greenbaum; Adapted by:  Martin Secrest
Jesse Colin Young
Singer-songwriter Jesse Colin Young made history with the "Youngbloods" on their classic ‘60s peace anthem “Get Together.” Earlier this year, Jesse released his 19th solo album "Dreamers" and this is his first album of new material since 2006’s "Celtic Mambo."
Interracial Adoption
VOA Connect Episode 95 – VOA Africa talks to transracial adoptees and their parents about the challenges of a multiracial family and its effect on identity.