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This is the tale of two women. Fatema, a young Afghan journalist who faced danger when the Taliban came back into power and Iryna, Ukrainian military psychologist who helped her escape from Kabul. Just six months later, both women, now close friends, face another obstacle: escaping war in Ukraine.

She escaped one war to face another. Fatema Hosseini, then 27, was living with her family in Kabul, in August 2021 when the Taliban took over the country. As a journalist who worked for the American media, Fatema had to find a way out. It was a Ukrainian colonel who came to her rescue, working out a plan to get Fatema out with the help of Ukrainian soldiers on the ground in Kabul. That colonel, then a psychologist with the Ukrainian military, is Iryna. Iryna brought Fatema to her own home in Ukraine. Ultimately, Fatema’s family followed. But another war would confront them, this time in Ukraine. This is their story -- Fatema and Iryna – new friends, bonded by war and the need to escape danger.